Goospery Canvas Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Case S8P-CAN-GRN


One-of-a-Kind Fabric Case with multiple credit/ID card slots and a pocket for bills/receipts to eliminate the need for a separate wallet. Cover made with High Quality Canvas Fabric, giving it a designer-made look; lined with Premium Quality Soft Synthetic Leather. Inner casing made with Premium Quality TPU to resist damage from accidental drops. Stylish yet functional design; converts to a media stand with a magnet clasp for easy open with secure hold when closed. (The magnet does NOT affect the reception signal or any functions of the device.) Earpiece cut-out for conversing with the cover closed. Designed and manufactactured with precise cut-outs & mold; perfect fit for your device. Compatible with ONLY Samsung Galaxy S8+PLUS (This is NOT for Galaxy S8).


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